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Where we started
For one of the world's leading centers of business, culture, and commerce, London’s internet (commercial and residential) is all run through the same underlying fiber network. While there are any number of resellers (ISPs), their bandwidth is ultimately limited by the network – built and maintained by BTOpenReach. 

After a recent law was passed (PIA - Passive Internet Access) allowing others to build their own networks, Vorboss threw their hat in the ring, installing 500km of state-of-the-art fiber under the streets of London, mainly from unmarked vans during COVID. Their network delivers a minimum 10Gbps, meaning they start at a speed where most other ISPs top out. In 2022, they were ready for primetime and approached West to help build and launch their brand in London.
What we did
Being a new market entrant is not a good thing when it comes to supplying the world's businesses with a mission-critical service. We needed a brand that would not only punch well above its weight but also stick out against a host of boring ISPs in a mature commodity market. So, we first designed a Brand ID that looked and felt futuristic, high fidelity, and mathematical, and then set about creating a city-wide ad campaign. 

Building on the Brand ID and tone of voice work, we created a myriad of OOH executions, animations, and podcast ads designed to show businesses in London’s Zones 1+2 that a new player had arrived. 
Where are they now
Vorboss launched its campaign publicly across London in September 2022. They hosted a launch event at Somerset House for business leaders, partners, and press, which included a fireside chat with CEO Tim Creswick and David Rowan, Founding UK Editor-in-Chief of WIRED, where they lifted the lid on the company’s new 10Gbps minimum product.

If you happen to be at Waterloo or Liverpool Station, just look up!

We needed to develop a brand that would not only punch well above its weight, be professional, and invoke trust, but also stand out against a host of ISPs in a mature and commoditized market.

- Will Roberts, Chief Revenue Officer, Vorboss

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