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Where we started
littleBits asked West to drive sales during a critical holiday season and to focus on inspiring kids to build cool stuff!
littleBits is an incredible product and team but getting attention from both kids and parents with a limited budget during the busiest time of year for an unknown brand is a super-sized challenge.
What we did
West focused on kids and moms and built a campaign that focused on community, creativity and competition. Both video and YouTube played a central role in our communications as well as partnerships and select national exposure on popular gifting shows (Ellen!) and “top lists.” In addition to campaign efforts we optimized the sales presence on Amazon and leaned into all things trending about STEM.

In a flurry of a few months we produced photoshoots, several incredible videos, new packaging and recruited both creatives and personalities to promote LittleBits’ holiday products.
Where are they now
The efforts drove several million in sales during the holiday season and critically evolved littleBits position in the marketplace from education-only to mainstream consumer product. The Gizmos and Gadgets Kit became their best selling product of all time and over 10,000 kids became new customers.

littleBits was later acquired by Sphero, having created a brand that became known for both educational and consumer products.
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