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Where we started
Saltbox’s end-to-end solutions power the logistics journey of small businesses from startup to scale. Saltbox approached West with the need to tell their story in a completely new and defensible way, conveying how comprehensive, community-focused, and human-centric their purpose-built solution really is. They had the potential to define and lead a new category that is more than logistics, and needed to live into it with an uplifted brand.
What we did
We first embarked on a market positioning workstream, locking down a foundational brand platform alongside their leadership team. The definition of the category – and how Saltbox can position themselves to lead it – relied heavily on a nuanced understanding of their competitive landscape. Many players in the space tackle one specific element of the fulfillment, logistics, and operations process, but few have a fully-comprehensive, bespoke approach like Saltbox does. 

With a solid understanding of strategic positioning, we then moved on to brand identity and expressions, working to create a fresh and cohesive brand strategy that reflected Saltbox’s market opportunity and distinctly stood apart from the competition. From a full verbal wordbook and omnichannel messaging to key visual brand recommendations, we revamped all potential touchpoints Saltbox has with their customers – both digitally and in the real world. 

For the last phase of the project, West recommended a community-based campaign to bring together customers and adjacent service providers to reinforce their value to customers and solidify themselves as the clear market leader (i.e. what Dreamforce did for Salesforce). From this ideation came Saltbox Across America, an in-person tour to uplift and bring awareness to key Saltbox locations across the country – and to the core importance of American small businesses in our daily lives.

Where are they now
With their mission, values, and strategic positioning solidified, in Summer of 2023, Saltbox took their tour across America, and the “in-person” element of their brand came to life. The driving goal of this activation was to amplify the stories of modern merchants and small business owners who have changed their communities through creativity, determination and passion. 

West played a crucial role in every project phase – from ideation and designing a custom cargo container to planning routes, managing events, working with local politicians, and securing businesses for interviews.

Our very own West team member traveled in tow for this 2,662 mile #SaltboxAcrossAmerica journey to manage the on-the-ground operations across the campaign. Over the 11 days, Saltbox connected with a total of nearly 500 local business stakeholders and showcased nearly 40 business owners and entrepreneurs. 

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