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Where we started
In a world where nearly 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, a little accident or unexpected curveball can easily lead to financial distress. SoLo Funds was founded under the principle that anyone can be responsible with money, but we all need a little help sometimes. Through a peer-to-peer lending model, SoLo set out to build a more financially inclusive tomorrow for all. 

The challenges were considerable. How should SoLo differentiate from other P2P lending platforms? How could the company define a new category, shift mindset, and establish the vocabulary to describe people’s short-term financial needs without assigning judgement? And, lastly, what is SoLo’s long term competitive moat as FinTech becomes ever more crowded? 
What we did
From developing the initial brand platform, market positioning, wordbook, and messaging in 2020 to refreshing the visual identity, to designing a new website and art directing a large scale brand photoshoot in 2022, West and SoLo held a long-standing partnership.
As SoLo’s business rapidly expands to include different products and offerings, West has continued to be a proactive partner – helping scale the brand’s impact on our society. 
Where are they now
SoLo announced its $10M Series A funding in February 2021. Since our engagement, the company has partnered with Visa and Mastercard to further advance the P2P lending platform and served over 1 million users and 800,000 loans funded. The company has launched B2B partnerships with brands such as ESSENCE, Kiva, Stride, was awarded Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2022, and continues its forward momentum. They were most recently valued at $34.00M. 
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West has been an invaluable partner and investor in the growth of SoLo Funds. With the foundational brand strategy work, West helped SoLo articulate our unique position in the market, and shift our posture from defense to offense to capture the bigger opportunity ahead of us. West offered honest and impactful recommendations on how to get to our next big milestone.

- Travis Holoway, Co-Founder and CEO, SoLo Funds

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