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Where we started
OneSkin pioneers technologies aimed at extending human healthspan. Using advanced biotechnology and stem cell techniques, the team identified a unique protein, OS-01, and demonstrated its effect on cellular senescence, a primary cause of cellular aging. They launched their first product for the face, soon followed by an additional formula for the body.  While the products earned strong customer advocacy, OneSkin was struggling to communicate  the complexity of their scientific value proposition. They kept falling into common tropes associated with the beauty world, a very crowded and noisy market where they did not wish to compete. 

They partnered with West to create a visual system that would elevate and differentiate the visual brand to position them as a leader in a pioneer category: human longevity. 
What we did
West worked from strong visual basics (logo, typography, palette) and an inspiring foundation centered on an ambitious brand purpose: to transform the way humans experience aging through the power of longevity science. 

We identified a set of visual tactics that would best help OneSkin tell the types of stories they’d need to to occupy that space – from stories of protein discovery to personal stories celebrating aging and longevity. Given this range, we had to get extremely granular, identifying, for example, no fewer than 5 photography categories.

We also needed to be unique. While OneSkin is positioning themselves as a longevity company, they still compete against alternatives in the beauty space. So the challenge was to creative devices to tell a scientific story and educate, while standing out dramatically among the alternatives in the space. The original illustrations (right) we created are not only beautiful but highly differentiated, meaningfully evoking the scientific tradition of careful, objective observation. 
Where are they now
These tactics became OneSkin’s “visual toolbox” complete with instructions on which tool to use when and how to use (and not use) it. The team at OneSkin was able to immediately implement the toolbox and will continue to show up in a sophisticated way that measures up to their groundbreaking science.

Working with West was an exceptional experience beginning to end. They were incredible at translating the intricacies of our science into sophisticated, modern and elevated brand visual elements. They were also very thoughtful, open to feedback and worked well with our team in order to execute our vision. We were extremely happy with this partnership!

- Carolina Reis Oliviera, CEO

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