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Where we started
GetSetUp (GSU) came to us with a rapidly growing platform that was lacking clear positioning in the market. As an online product serving primarily adults ages 50+, GSU was growing rapidly during Covid-19 and founder Neil D’Souza knew he needed to seize the opportunity. 

GSU was unsure where it fit at the intersection of social media and online learning. Though the site was serving many thousands of users a day and creating a large community of loyal members, West was challenged to position GSU effectively and to create a brand that would be beloved by its target demographic.
What we did
As a platform directed at older adults, GetSetUp provided an interesting challenge in that the audience is far more accustomed to traditional media over digital.

West started by rethinking a digital-first brand from the ground up. From messaging and positioning to visual identity and go-to-market, West reimagined the entire end-to-end experience of GetSetUp. We then built a robust media plan that included the production of a series of television spots and a coordinated direct mail campaign. We created the spots in partnership with a team based in South Africa, and posted with our local Bay Area team.

The media campaign exceeded already high expectations, and helped dramatically increase GetSetUp’s community membership.
Where are they now
Since working with West, GSU has successfully launched in Australia, India, and the UK, significantly increased its monthly active users, has become the category leader in online learning for this generation, and has gone on attract strong investor interest and funding.

GSU went on to secure $10 million of venture funding from LightShed Ventures, ASDF Ventures, and Cowboy Ventures in November 2021.
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