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Where we started
Access to transportation shapes our society – mobility is access to opportunity. As our population faces pressures from growth, urbanization, and a changing climate, we must evolve our concept of mobility to one of equity. Our way forward as an interconnected society is for prosperity to flourish in the most equitable manner possible. To achieve this, we must provide accessibility to all with a redesigned model of transportation.

Having successfully designed a new kind of transportation system and built a functional prototype, they were looking to secure their first contracts with cities. The question we asked is: how might they present brand language that clearly explains their solution and how they are different from other alternative forms of transportation?
What we did
Our partnership with Glydways began with a new brand platform and messaging framework to clearly communicate with investors, press, and key decision makers. The work quickly became the foundation for an event in California’s capitol building with a companion website and press outreach that impacted several contracts and projects in consideration phases.   

Soon after the live event, we began earnest production on leadership team video interviews, a huge library of product photography, and a product experience video with diverse talent at the Glydways demonstration facility. These assets provided much needed new, high-quality materials for press, proposals, and a new website design that West developed in the following weeks.
Where are they now
Glydways is currently in the process of a raising a new round of funding to further develop the system and secure city contracts.

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