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Where we started
Aircapture is a revolutionary CleanTech company blazing a new trail in a new category: CO2 as a Service. Their work is obvious in theory and complex in execution: supplying commercial and industrial customers with clean CO2 that they pull down from the air onsite. Their first order of business: providing their bespoke “Direct Air Capture” units to fit large-scale beverage manufacturers’ needs. 

The founder and seasoned climate tech builder, Matt Atwood, came to West looking to craft an aspirational brand that could translate the complexity of their Direct Air Capture tech into simplicity for a broad set of audiences: for investors, for future hires, for institutional collaborators, and for potential buyers alike. With customers (and investors) waiting in the wings for them to build and scale their technology, Aircapture needed a brand that could lend them the credibility and differentiation they deserved. The goal was to propel Aircapture towards a groundbreaking Series A, and to lay the robust foundation needed to build a unicorn in the years ahead. 
What we did
We started with a deep dive into the competitive landscape of Direct Air Capture companies. We quickly identified that many players were overzealous and overhyped in their language, with no tangible progress to substantiate their lofty claims. We also visited their R&D space in Oakland, California, speaking with their engineers and technical team to deeply understand their technology – inside and out. This strong research foundation allowed us to hone in on how to actionably describe their technology, why they stood out in an otherwise crowded cleantech space, and what the team’s unifying mission was. 

We landed on an appropriately lofty mission to get investors, employees, and buyers on the same page: capture and clean atmospheric CO2 to radically improve the environment, the economy, and our lives. From this starting point, we built out a detailed wordbook outlining their challenge, their advanced technology, and the manifold applications across industries, so they could have clear, consistent, and impactful language customized for each of their varying audiences. 

We next dove into a visual identity uplift across photography and color palette, supplemented with a beautiful, highly usable animation explaining their technology and its impact, step-by-step, to be used in investor presentations, for sales pitches, and on their new website we would design and develop. For the video, we worked with their engineering and leadership teams to ensure scientific accuracy, clarity, and maximum usability for all audiences and stakeholders. 
Where are they now
Alongside their inspiring new visual identity, this verbal strategy went into the design and development of a sleek, easy-to-navigate website suited for current and future buyers, investors, and potential hires as they worked to grow their team – and market value. The video we illustrated and developed is featured on the redesigned Aircapture website, and has been used for fundraising and other growth efforts.

With our work immediately deployed into a new site, their employer brand, and their fundraising materials, Aircapture is in process of raising their Series A, growing their team, and filling their sales pipeline so they can confidently charge towards scaling globally and clean our planet’s atmosphere. 


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