West’s Future of Food event looks to explore the answer to that question, and many like it

Food. It fuels us and sustains us. We build community at our dinner tables and cram snacks in our bags to eat on the go. Sometimes we think about what we eat, other times it’s a subconscious task, an attempt to fuel us through busy lives.

But our food systems are in trouble. The global demand for food will rise by 70 to 100 percent by 2050, according to the United Nations. To meet this need, production in developing countries will need to almost double.

Meanwhile, we live in a time of rapid-fire technological innovations where it truly feels like anything is possible.

What if we could merge the two?

In labs and kitchens around the world, chefs, scientists and entrepreneurs are doing just that.   

Inspired by the ticking time bomb of a global food shortage and the urgency of climate change, they’re creating tasty treats to feed the masses and lessen impact on the planet.

Join us on Wednesday, October 3 for an evening of conversation and tastings. West’s Managing Partner Joanna Rees will moderate a panel discussion with food innovators, chefs and experts focused on the rise of engineered food, the challenge of creating food for our evolving diets and the importance of balancing global demand with environmental sustainability.

The Future of Food
Wednesday, October 3, 2018 | 6PM
West | 682 Schofield Rd, San Francisco, CA

6PM - Introductions & panel
7PM - Taste the Future. Mix and mingle with food futurists and sample their latest bites.

In conversation with…

Mike Selden, Co-founder & CEO, Finless Foods
Megan Miller, Co-founder & CEO, Bitty Foods
Ryan Pandya, Co-founder & CEO, Perfect Day Foods
Alec Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Endless West
Dominique Barnes, Co-founder & CEO, New Wave Foods
Josh Tetrick, Co-founder & CEO, JUST

and a few surprises...

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Why host a food event?
At West, we work with visionary founders and companies changing the way we live. From our early work with Impossible Foods to an internal focus on eating and buying local, sustainable food, this is an issue near and dear to our hearts. How we eat defines how (and how long) we live, so focusing on this massive challenge allows us to discuss a topic that appeals to everyone: the food on your plate.

We hope to see you there!