West is pleased to announce its investment in Tentrr, as featured in TechCrunch.

Tentrr is a technology platform creating a unique marketplace in the sustainable experiential tourism space. Tentrr enables landowners to monetize their dormant land, providing economic resilience to rural communities. It’s platform creates a seamless way for customers to experience the outdoors through its distributed network of individual campsites on large pieces (15 acres +) of beautiful private land. Tentrr campsites are fully equipped, appealing to both first time and experienced campers. In addition, Tentrr enables local service providers to list their services on the platform.

West executed a comprehensive Market Fit engagement to help the company position itself for the largest market opportunity, by identifying and defining the various customer personas and mapping both the customer and landowner journey that resulted in a significant redesign and development of Tentrr’s technical platform. We have also helped improve the company’s performance marketing efforts with stronger data science and analytics.