West is pleased to announce its investment in Haiku

Haiku started by asking a simple question, “What if design tools and developer tools could speak the same language?” That question unlocked a world where design and code could work harmoniously, where Haiku could become the unifying platform connecting these creative and technical disciplines.

Founder/CEO Zack Brown and the whole Haiku team have rallied around their shared passion for this mission, pooling their expertise from the front lines of the software design & development industries. They saw an opportunity to fundamentally change how software is created by broadening what it means to be a “creator of software.” It’s this vision that led Haiku through Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 Class and on to launching a public beta in early 2019.

Grounded in the idea that the best ideas come to life when people come together, Haiku creates collaboration tools 
for designers, developers, and teams. Their products unify design and code in creative, dynamic ways, so diverse teams can work more efficiently and effectively no matter what they are making. 

As part of our investment process, West dove into the full brand positioning, identity and messaging stack for Haiku and its suite of products in order to maximize Haiku’s opportunity and impact. As a team of creatives ourselves, we work to enable companies to define and defend their market opportunity with a brand people love. The synergy between our work and Haiku’s vision to empower creativity is not lost on us either. 

As a career creative and manager of creatives, I live for the unique joy of working with experts. West evokes that joy. Their unique fusion of investment and branding has been a perfect fit for Haiku as we’ve progressed from our Seed round towards our Series A. Both their investment & creative teams are top-notch, experienced, and dedicated.

— Zack Brown, Co-founder & CEO | Haiku


In code and design

there lives creative power. 

Unlock new ideas together.


Follow their journey @HaikuForTeams and haikuforteams.com.