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Where we started
When Jack Dorsey was pulled back into Twitter in late 2011 to lead product development, he asked West to help him launch the hashtag, the biggest update to the product since its inception. The hashtag was designed to give users a new way to discover and consume content on the site, taking the experience beyond tweeting. 
What we did
West partnered with Twitter’s design and engineering teams to develop and launch the new feature. Then we worked with Jack to redesign the Twitter logo and turn it into a beacon of hope and a symbol for the democratization of communication. 

We then began exploring new ways to invite the world’s 7 billion people onto the platform. Through data and analytics, we learned that tune-in and new registrations on the site peaked during breaking news events and real-time sports and entertainment moments like the Super Bowl and Academy Awards. With the presidential elections and 2012 Summer Olympics looming large, we went to work creating an experience for new users that would introduce them to the magic of Twitter as a second screen experience for commentary and participation during real-time events.
Where are they now
The second-screen experience gave brand sponsors and advertisers a reason for being on Twitter because that’s where the conversation about the event was happening. This gave birth to Twitter’s “Real Time” advertising strategy for brands, which was unveiled during Dick Costolo’s keynote at Cannes 2012. Real-Time became Twitter’s monetization strategy and the foundation of its November 2013 $24.4B IPO. 

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