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Where we started
When Stormbreaker Ventures’ founding partner Said Mia first reached out about his new fund, we got excited. A longtime investor and advisor, he wanted to bring something different to venture – combining the agility of a small fund with the deep bench and resources of a larger one. He wanted to build something different and needed a brand that would stand out.  

What we did
We started at the beginning. Building on Said’s commitment to his founders – a true ‘run through walls’ mentality – and a focus on capital efficiency from Day 1, we took Stormbreaker all the way from their initial brand platform to the launch of their website. 

Where are they now
Following the website launch, the Stormbreaker team received extremely positive feedback from its investor network and the new brand was instrumental in helping to close additional capital commitments. The site, brand foundation, and messaging have helped the Stormbreaker team clearly articulate their value proposition and attract world-class founders to its portfolio. 

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West has over 12 years of experience working with venture-backed startups in nearly every B2C and B2B sector.

We know how to work under resource constraints and adapt to changing conditions. 
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