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Where we started
Meatech 3D came to West to solidify their narrative, determine the right messaging for their core audiences, and ultimately launch publicly to the US market.   

One challenge we faced is the fact that in most jurisdictions globally, cultured meat is not yet marketable due to health regulations. Additionally, companies in the space – including MeaTech – have not yet scaled production. So while the regulatory environment is rapidly changing and production is ramping, cultured meat is a category that some consumers may be aware of, but very few have experienced firsthand. 

We needed to uncover the insights that would unlock awareness for the category and understanding of MeaTech’s unique differentiator: that they can create cuts of meat (“structured” products, in industry terms) using a bio-ink 3D printer. As MeaTech had chosen the public markets route for funding instead of venture capital (the traditional route for companies in the space), we needed to create a consumer-facing brand that spoke to public-market investors.

What we did
West first dove into market insight interviews. A key first step, these interviews were critical to helping our team absorb large amounts of disparate pieces of information and formulate a perspective and narrative that shapes each company’s future. 

We quickly uncovered that, in discussing the benefits of alternative meat, environmental sustainability is often foregrounded. However, there is a larger issue that renders this benefit mute: both the population and the population’s demand for meat is growing. Our protein requirements as a civilization cannot be met using only traditional techniques without catastrophic impact on the environment. Cultured meat alone won’t save the planet, but it introduces optionality into a system desperately in need.

With these insights, we formed a new narrative for the company, changed its name from Meatech 3D to Steakholder Foods, and honed the idea of Steakholder Capitalism – a nod to Steakholder being the first and only publicly-traded cultivated meat company. 

Where are they now
With a new name and positioning, Steakholder Foods was ready to announce itself stateside. 

West created a launch event in San Francisco to put Steakholder in front of key industry voices in the alternative meat space and the investment community. The event featured a live printing demonstration of Steakholder’s technology and a panel discussion on the future of food with Steakholder Foods’ CEO, the Global Head of AgTech Investment Banking at Citi, and the founder of Aidell’s Sausage. 

Additionally, West produced a series of videos – shot in Tel Aviv – and inspired by Chef’s Table for Steakholder to use as they continue to grow the movement of Steakholder Capitalism. 

Great team of professionals to work with. I felt that the entire West team provided me with the A-Z support and guidance that led to amazing results. Will work with West again for sure.

- Arik Kaufman, CEO, Steakholder Foods

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