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Where we started
Employer Direct Healthcare (EDHC) is a supplementary or carve-out benefit for high-severity, low-frequency cases that result in the lion’s share of healthcare-related costs to employers. Having built a leading Center of Excellence (COE) model for planned surgeries, their flagship product, Surgery Plus, had been gaining traction and reducing employer surgical costs by nearly 50% in most cases. 

But EDHC struggled with challenges common to all benefit solution providers – employee awareness and utilization – while operating in a high-complexity sector that is hard for even sophisticated HR departments to grapple with (and even harder still for employees). The company was also looking to branch into new service lines, such as cancer care, which required a more human face of the brand and an architecture to support multiple solutions.
What we did
West started with a thorough research project approaching multiple stakeholders: employers, consultants, employees (both customers and noncustomers, satisfied and unsatisfied), surgeons, oncologists, local surgery and community infusion centers, hospital administrators, and National Cancer Institutes. We also spoke to members of the EDHC team across customer service and sales. This allowed us to create detailed personas to inform the brand and messaging. We also conducted a thorough review of competitors and alternatives in the healthcare benefit space. 

All of this work came together in a brand platform defined by a simple purpose: to transform access to excellent care for the cases that matter most.  

With new, more emotionally resonant positioning, we renamed the company and product lines and devised an architecture that would allow EDHC to evolve, scale, cross-sell, and partner with an eye to maximize buyer and end-user clarity. 

We brought the brand to life with a refreshed visual and verbal identity that is all about humanizing and simplifying the value proposition for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.
West then embarked on a large production engagement that included everything from sales collateral and member materials to multiple websites and videos. 

Simultaneously, West recruited a world-class CMO who took the reigns towards the end of our work together to launch the new brand and steward it into EDHC’s next phase.
Where are they now
The rebrand work was quickly implemented into all of Employer Direct Healthcare’s assets, from their website to their marketing materials, uplifting the simplified, high-impact mission of “transforming access to excellent care.” Since their engagement with West, EDHC went on to raise $92 million in secondary investment, bringing their valuation to $1 billion. The company has also appointed several new executive team members, and plans to use the new capital to expand their partnerships and oncology platform as they continue to scale.

We had a clear need to evolve our marketing and branding to connect more deeply with our clients, our provider partners, and most importantly, our patient members. We knew we needed a simplified, more human-centric brand. We did a broad, rigorous search for an agency that had a clear track record of delivering transformational work, but also had an eagerness to learn about and appreciate our unique story and mission. 

The team at West delivered, doing comprehensive internal and external research to understand our vision and opportunity, and bringing their depth of experience to the task, helping to elevate our brand to new heights.  Further, they seamlessly adapted to our changing needs, helping us with team build, strategy, aesthetics, and execution. We would wholeheartedly endorse them for any company seeking true partnership.  

- John Zutter, CEO, EDHC

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