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Where we started
Curl Lab’s founder is a seasoned entrepreneur with deep personal passion for and long-running expertise in hair care. She had a vision of building off of her prior success with a multi-million dollar curl company in Brazil by launching a US-focused curl care brand.

Curl Lab came to West looking for a partner with deep knowledge of the American market's social and cultural dynamics so they could best position themselves in front of their new target consumers. 

Curl Lab’s plans for a science-driven and culturally-resonant brand launch required finding the white space in the saturated US hair care market, analyzing the challenges and nuanced behaviors of women with curly hair, and understanding how to convey the brand’s differentiators to an audience that had grown jaded by overpriced or ineffective options. 
What we did
In our analysis, West identified that while competitors tend to position themselves along demographic lines, curly hair – and people’s relationship to it – is actually more closely tied to their experience level and habitual behavior.

West realized that the process of caring for curly hair is everything, so we organized the brand and its visual identity around these processes and daily habits. We saw the opportunity to build a brand that addressed these earlier stages and levels of confidence in curl care, unifying consumers into a curl movement instead of dividing them.

Using these principles, we refreshed Curl Lab's visual, verbal, and key communication touchpoints with a focus on providing continuous value throughout the curl care experience. This included redesigning the website, an interactive curl quiz, audience-facing newsletters, and key investor communications.

With this new brand positioning in place, West built out a Go-To-Market plan filled with high impact, low-cost items to help Curl Lab efficiently and effectively introduce its brand to the US market, focused on curly hair consumers desperately searching for a better solution. 
Where are they now
Our work with Curl Lab is currently being implemented through their new website, new interactive hair quiz, consumer and investor-facing communications, as well as serving as the core strategy and narrative for Curl Lab’s next fundraising milestone. 

"During my more than 20 years as an entrepreneur, I've had the chance to work with several marketing agencies in different countries. I have never experienced such a cohesive, competent, engaged team as at West. They not only made a very comprehensive analysis of my company goals and its market competition but helped me create a branding and launching strategy considering the needs and financial constraints that a start-up usually has. It takes a lot more creativity and intelligence to create solutions when you don't have all the money that big companies have at their disposal. I just loved working with West and hope to work with them again and again.”

Leila Velez, Founder & CEO, Curl Lab  

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