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Where we started
Having spent a career in beauty and luxury goods, traveling between New York and Paris, Linda Thompson founded Olìe Biologique out of necessity. She was looking for a skin care product that was both effective and clean, and face oils were not widely available in the US Market. She found herself 8 years later in a category that was overcrowded, and with a brand that didn’t stand out. Linda approached West with a challenge: help me get excited about this brand again.
What we did
West began working with Olìe by running a lightweight creative workshop, where we brought in inspiration from far outside the beauty category. From there, we developed a set of divergent strategic directions for the future of the company. We then began a 6-month sprint to completely overhaul not just the brand, but the future of product development and customer engagement. The collaborative project work included a new name and positioning, the scouting and contracting of a new creative director, a new visual and verbal identity, new packaging, influencer and social media strategy and execution, brand relaunch and GTM plan, product roadmap, financial planning, and organizational design.  
Where are they now
Olìe released an updated version of its best-selling product Golden Ray Glow in Q4 2019, followed by the launch of the Biography brand in Q3 2020, including four improved formulas. This launch also included a new website with videos created in collaboration with West. Since launch, the brand has received notable press mentions from the beauty industry along with commitments from major high-end and e-commerce boutiques.

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