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Best Creatives
Where we started
West was approached by both an investor and an independent board member to help the company define its customer, services, and category. The goal was to empower the building of a community by clearly naming and defining  the Honeybook customer. Additionally, the company was looking to define its unique set of services in a way that differentiated it from the multitude of independent business providers and gig workers. Finally, Honeybook wanted to establish itself as a market leader by identifying and defining the unique category that the business could build into. 
What we did
Our work with Honeybook exemplifies the importance of clearly defining a target customer, differentiating services, and positioning within a market in order to establish oneself as a leader within an industry. West started with the Honeybook team, customers, investors, affiliated partners – and through extensive research, dove into understanding the mindset of business owners who provide contracted services to their customers. The team quickly realized that this independent, “esprit de coeur” was the driving force behind these individuals who had the courage to pursue their passions.

From there, the team was able to build out a category and community that Honeybook could own, and brought that work to life by designing a visual and verbal brand identity to be applied across all of their branded touchpoints, including a video campaign.
Where are they now
Our work with Honeybook is currently being implemented into a full brand relaunch that will be completed in early 2023. The company’s valuation increased more than 8X during the time of our engagement, most recently valued at $2.45B.

You all are responsible for the strategy underlying the new brand and much of the new ID, and I hope you feel good about it when you see it come to life. 

- Dan Visnick, CMO

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